We design and manufacture premium, bespoke timber windows and doors for heritage homes and architecturally inspired residential and commercial builds.



For us, a made-to-order timber window or door needs to deliver so much more than an admiring gaze. We strive to create a lasting product that is both beautiful and energy efficient, giving you a home that is comfortable year-round and sustainable.


All our timber windows and doors are made-to-order, in keeping with our commitment to creating only the finest products based on quality, craftsmanship and durability. Partner with us and you will see the increased value to your home or building project from the use of select-grade, solid timber.


The beauty of a timber window or door lies as much in its ability to stand the test of time, as its power to provoke admiration. Quality timber products will outlast aluminium and plastic frames, and our time-honoured joinery methods only add to their structural strength and longevity.

High-quality glazing

We offer a wide range of smart glazing options that can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency and sound insulation. Successfully combining traditional joinery methods with modern glazing technology, we can help you retain the beautiful original features of your home while bringing it into the modern era.

Protecting heritage

The ability of our craftspeople to match all historical Australian architectural styles means our timber windows and doors are in high demand. Solid timber replica windows result in many benefits for your home or project, including maintaining authentic heritage appearance, greater thermal performance, ease of operation, and enhanced security.